2019 Conference Preview

OCTELA 2019 Spring Conference

Lighting the Fire: Inspiring Creativity in Teaching and Learning

March 1 & March 2, 2019

DoubleTree Worthington

Conference Theme

In an effort to track student progress and justify our teaching strategies, the teaching of reading and writing has been boiled down to a bunch of numbers: reading levels, test scores, value-added, formative assessments, etc.  Frequently we feel buried in a constant cycle of data points, so concerned with the numbers that we feel we often spend more time measuring and interpreting data than we do teaching skills and content.

This trend is well-intentioned, but it leaves out one key factor involved in teaching, learning, reading, and writing that is unquantifiable: creativity. At its most basic level, creativity is the process by which we arrive at something new, whether that something new is a physical product or a new idea.  As teachers, we do this all the time:we take all the science we know about teaching and learning, stir it together with the content and skills we want students to learn, and create a new lesson.  As learners, our students take the strategies and skills we teach them, apply them in new situations, and arrive at new ideas.

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Featured Speakers

Our current line-up of keynote speakers. Follow the links to their websites to read more about them.

Love, Teach 

Marc Tyler Nobleman

Dave Stuart Jr.

Registration and Lodging

Information about registration and lodging will available in the Fall. Keep checking this page for updates.