Call for Proposals

OCTELA 20/20

Envisioning Our Future(s)

February 21 – 22, 2020

DoubleTree Worthington

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The 2020s offer a fresh decade to envision new possibilities for teaching ELA and professional transformation: What might our future classrooms look like? This Call for Proposals invites you to share your own visions for the future of education with fellow teachers gathering from across the state and engaging in similar questions and practices.

Envisioning diverse future(s) across grade levels and specialized curriculum may conjure a mixed bag of hope, excitement, inspiration, and, well, maybe even a little bit of anxiety. So, in  the spirit of meeting teachers’ and students’ needs in facing the new decade, OCTELA aims to create a space for open inquiry, sharing, and optimism. This conference inspires teachers to gather and discuss what they do best, what inspires them to keep pushing forward, and what strategies support authentic student learning.

OCTELA encourages both experienced and novice PreK-16 teachers of ELA to share the methods, habits, traditions, instructional designs, and game plans that are valued most in their daily classrooms. OCTELA is actively recruiting diverse perspectives from across the state, from urban to rural schools, from public to private. To help focus topics of growing interests in the 2020s, we include this list of possible conversations:

  • Who are the 2020 students? What types of foundational knowledges and skills will they need to keep learning moving forward?
  • How are newer technologies impacting teaching expectations and experiences?
  • How might teaching non-traditional genres (think sci-fi, horror, dystopias, speculative fiction, magical realism, fantasy, comics, films, etc.) invigorate critical thinking in classrooms? What texts might be best to use and why?
  • How do teachers cultivate—and sustain—multicultural perspectives? From recruiting and mentoring diverse teachers to building worthwhile assignments, what practices work?
  • How are the changing definitions of what is considered “human” transforming the humanities? What is posthumanism and how is it influencing young adult literature?
  • To what extent should work in the English classroom address political environments and help develop healthy civic student life? What would ethical, well-balanced practices look like?

The OCTELA 20/20: Envisioning Our Future(s) conference has a number of ways for you to become involved:

  • Individual or Panel Presentations: 45-minute breakout sessions designed to present action research and/or lesson plans to a broad audience
  • Workshops: 90-minute interactive sessions in which participants make something, led by workshop facilitator
  • Roundtables: 45-minute sessions that invite all attendees to discuss a specified topic, led by knowledgeable facilitator(s) who will share readings, etc. in advance
  • Poster Session: conference space will be designated for visual displays of research, creative work, and student projects
  • Participating: if you are unable to present, we encourage attendance; many opportunities will be available to sit in on sessions, listen to keynote speakers, and have coffee breaks with colleagues

Ready to submit? Submission deadline is November 30, 2019. You can submit your proposals here ——–> ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM