2018 Spring Conference

OCTELA 2018 Spring Conference Highlights

REVITALIZE: Getting Back to Teaching

February 23 & 24, 2018

2018 Conference Program – Download Here

Dr. Donald Bear’s Morning Keynote Can Be Accessed on His Website – http://donaldrbear.com/

Conference Theme

REVITALIZE: Getting Back to Teaching

“Revitalize” means to make something active, healthy, and energetic again.  In times of rapid policy change, revitalization becomes increasingly important, not only as policy is translated into practice, but also in order to maintain our local communities and professional networks, to increase our engagement within the content areas we teach, and to promote pride in our students.  “Revitalize” as a conference theme, then, is both a doing – a dynamic, conscious effort to sustain our work – and an invitation to reclaim the interests and practices of our teaching that help us best meet the needs of our students.

Read the welcome from the conference chair Josh Younge. → Welcome Letter

2018 Featured Speakers

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Friday, February 23 Keynote Speakers

Friday Morning Keynote

Friday Luncheon Keynote

Carine McCandless  (Photo Credit: Dominic Peters)

Friday Afternoon Keynote


Saturday, February 24 Keynote Speakers

Saturday Morning Keynote

Saturday Luncheon Keynote