OCTELA 20/20

Envisioning Our Future(s)

February 21 – 22, 2020

DoubleTree Worthington

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Conference Theme

The 2020s offer a fresh decade to envision new possibilities for teaching ELA and professional transformation: What might our future classrooms look like? Envisioning diverse future(s) across grade levels and specialized curriculum may conjure a mixed bag of hope, excitement, inspiration, and, well, maybe even a little bit of anxiety. So, in  the spirit of meeting teachers’ and students’ needs in facing the new decade, OCTELA aims to create a space for open inquiry, sharing, and optimism. This conference inspires teachers to gather and discuss what they do best, what inspires them to keep pushing forward, and what strategies support authentic student learning.

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Featured Speakers

Friday, February 21

Daniel José Older

Tony M. Vinci

Saturday, February 22

Elizabeth Acevedo

Tanny McGregor