Governor’s Commission on Teaching

January  2002

OCTELA supports high standards for insuring that Ohio’s teachers are served by the best possible teachers and administrators.  We applaud that the Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success will be examining the issues surrounding teacher and administrator recruitment and retention.  We are also pleased that this Commission has a deadline of December, 2002 and thus will have more time to work than did the Governor’s Commission on Student Success.

We are concerned, however, that the current Commission’s work be led by Ohio educators and not by consultants from other states.  We are concerned that the work of the previous Commission (Governor’s Commission on Student Success) was provided overall analysis and direction from organizations such as Achieve, Inc.  Though we certainly recognize the value of using national consultants and models from other states as references and resources, we believe that Ohio’s teachers and our own nationally known education experts have the talent and expertise not just to revise, but to lead, create and evaluate our own policies on teacher and administrator success.

What follows is OCTELA’s position on each of the four major areas to be examined by the Governor’s Commission on Teaching Success.