Submission Guidelines

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Manuscripts for OJELA should be submitted electronically, and follow these formatting guidelines:

  • 12-point font
  • Double-spaced
  • APA or MLA style
  • 10-20 pages, each page numbered

Manuscripts should be submitted as three attachments in Microsoft Word:

  1. Cover sheet that lists the title of the manuscript, author’s name, address, school affiliation, telephone, fax, email address, and a brief author bio
  2. Title of manuscript and manuscript text, which should be free of any internal references to the author’s identity
  3. Letter that guarantees that the article is your original work and has not been published or submitted elsewhere

Submissions should be sent to

Style Issues

We do not accept the following:

  • Term papers
  • Other lengthy manuscripts overburdened with references

Manuscripts must adhere to the “Guidelines for Nonsexist Use of language in the NCTE Publications”, available from NCTE (1111 W. Kenyon Rd., Urbana, IL 61801-1096)

Accepted manuscripts are edited in consultation with the principal author. Due to deadlines, editors reserve the right to make minor revisions without seeking prior approval from the author.

If you reference work from other authors, follow either MLA or APA style, as outlined in the current MLA or APA style manuals.

Due to OJELA’s readership, we recommend:

  • Using conversational style that avoids jargon and highly specialized terms
  • The use of “I”

Unless absolutely necessary, we ask that you do not include tables, graphs, and charts in your submissions. Photographs and artwork will be accepted with written permission from the photographer and subjects in the photograph (See Permissions Policy). Tables, graphs, charts, or other artwork included in your manuscript must be submitted as separate files. Embedded images will not be accepted.  Charts and graphs that are drawn using numerical values must have these values accessible, either as separate line list items or on the art itself.


 We encourage readers to share art and pictures that reflect the learning communities in your school and your classroom.

  • All reproduced artwork should be at least 8” x 10” on high quality, opaque paper
  • Photography submitted as prints should be printed on at least a 5” x 7” glossy paper
  • Digital images must be 3 megapixels or better

Permissions Policy

As author, it is your responsibility to secure permission for copyrighted work that appears in your article. Short experts from copyrighted material may be quoted without permission, but any excerpts from poetry and song lyrics almost always require the author’s written permission. Any student work requires a sign of release from the student, or of a parent if the student is a minor. To protect student’s identities, it is recommended you use pseudonyms. OJELA can provide forms for permissions and releases, though the author must pay any costs associated with permissions. If you are using student work, please request the Student-Consent-to-Publish Form.

Manuscript Review Process

The editors will acknowledge receipt of your manuscript with an email. We initially read all manuscripts to assure that they are appropriate to the journal. If we think your manuscript does not fit our journal, we contact you and suggest, when possible, other outlets for your work. Inquires about possible manuscripts can be sent to

Upon receiving your manuscript, we send it out to at least two reviewers. Reviewers make recommendations for publication and for revision. Once the editors have received recommendations, we make final decisions about whether to publish or not. If we accept your manuscript for publication, we will contact you while working through the revision/editorial process. This process usually takes three months.

Contacting Editors

Send manuscripts and correspondents to:

Elizabeth Walsh-Moorman, Editor
Ohio Journal of English Language Arts
Lake Erie College
Garfield A5
391 West Washington
Painesville OH 44077